Professionals in various fields will be able to develop their skills further based on learning of latest academic theories and practical knowledge, equipping them with competency to lead future social changes and development and enhance industry sector’s competitiveness.

Masters Course

Humanities & Social Science

Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Dept. of Social Welfare, Dept. of Police Science, Dept. of Security Policy, Dept. of Administration, Dept. of Real Estate, Dept. of Speech Communication, Dept. of the Fire Service Administration, Dept. of Counseling Psychology, Dept. of Business Science, Dept. of Chinese Language 

Natural Science

Dept. of Nursing, Dept. of Culinary Science 


Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Dept. of Architecture Engineering, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Arts & Physical Education

Dept. of Industrial Design, Dept. of Beauty Arts, Dept. of Cultural Contents