Badminton Court

배드민턴장 사진 1 배드민턴장 사진 2

  • Facilities : Two badminton courts built with durable and elasticity beech tree flooring
  • Location : Injae Building (Left side of Building #11) B1
  • Available for : Students, faculty, citizens
  • Operating Hours
    배드민턴장 이용시간 안내 표
    Category Weekdays Weekends Fee Etc.
    Faculty/Students Excluding class hours
    09:00 ~ 18:00(Sat)
    Sun(Holidays) : Closed
    Free During Semester
    07:00 ~ 18:00 Sat/Sun(Holidays) : Closed During Vacation
    Citizens Not open to public during semester Paid rental 200,000원
    (per 8hours)

    ※Not available during class hours

  • For usage/rental : No pre-process required when using as an individual

    ※ For half-day or full-day event rental request for approval needs to be made by visiting Culture & Sports Center(Segye Building B1)

    ※ Maximum two hours per team is allowed

  • Tel. : Culture & Sports Center 062) 940-3731