Education Philosophy in Korea

Purpose of education, under the humanitarian philosophy (Hong-ik In-gan), is to enable all nationals to complete their moral character, autonomous living ability and qualities needed as democratic citizens, thus helping them to lead a healthy human life and contribute to realizing the growth of democratic nation and ideals of the common prosperity of humanity.

Foundation Philosophy

  • Humanization Education
  • Nationalization Education
  • Modernization Education

Teaching Spirit


Purpose of Education

Honam University, under its founding philosophy of Humanization Education, Nationalization Education, and Modernization Education, aims to foster manpower who are educated and warm-hearted, open-minded and autonomous, and future-oriented and professional to contribute to the local community, the nation and the international society.

Ideal Students of Honam

  • Professionals who are well Cultured
  • Warm-hearted, Open-minded
  • Autonomous and Future-oriented

Education Goals

  • Realization of traditional values.
  • Cultivation of sound sense of citizenship required in democratic society.
  • Cultivation of sense of sovereignty for development of local community and the nation.
  • Development of open-minded attitude to contribute to humanity.
  • Fostering of capability to lead the future society through systematic knowledge and new studies.
  • Cultivation of sound sense of citizenship required in democratic society.

Practice Guideline of Education Goals

  • Realization of humanitarian philosophy (Hong-Ik In-Gan) based on respect for humanity.
  • Understanding and habituation of the meaning and fundamental spirit of benevolence.
  • Cultivation of sense of ownership based on autonomy and responsibility.
  • Cultivation of community spirit to respect order and voluntarily serve.
  • Cultivation of sense of duty based on understanding of the cultural characteristics of local community.
  • Cultivation of national autonomy and pride.
  • Understanding and acceptance of various cultures.
  • Foster sense of belonging and responsibility regarding human community.
  • Development of systematic knowledge based on scientific attitude and ability of rational thinking.
  • Cultivation of new studies based on insight into and preparations for future changes.
  • Cultivation of proactive capability in the working environment of information society.
  • Acquiring of professional knowledge and skills required in high-level industry society.

Education Purpose and Goals of Colleges and Graduate School

Education Purpose and Goals of Department