Introduction of Dormitory(Saenghwalgwan)

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A multimedia dormitory fully equipped with eco-friendly facilities and various convenience facilities to provide residents with clean studying and resting environment. Our faculty is and will always be entirely dedicated to making sure the dormitory is a feel-at-home comfortable, hygienic and safe place for the students.

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Category Location Room Number of Rooms Max. Capacity Etc
On campus Dormitory Building #1 Room for 4 30 120  
Dormitory Building #2 Room for 4 6 24  
Room for 5 189 945  
Myeonhak Building Room for 4 75 300  
Sub-total   300 1,393  
Total   300 1,393  

Recreational Facilities

  • Study Room, Gym, Table Tennis Court, Cafeteria, Lounge, Laundry

Major Construction Facilities

  • Advanced Security System (S1)
  • Swipe Card Access System
  • Use of Environmentally Friendly Building Materials for Interior and Exterior
  • Installation of Sprinkler and Descending Device for Fire Protection
  • Use of New Renewable Energy
  • Cooling/Heating Facility