'Education Inspiration A+ University'

'Student-focused Education Inspiration A+ University', 'University acknowledged for its talented graduates',
'Open university that grows together with the local community '

School Foundation Seong-in Educational Institution Chairman of the BoardPark Ki-ihn

학교법인 성인학원 이사장 박기인

Honam University is wide open towards the future.

As reflected in its foundation philosophy to be the cradle of Humanization Education, the hall of Nationalization Education and school of Modernization Education, the university aims to realize the ideal moral culture for the nation and its development through education.
To realize such philosophy, Honam is finding its place as a prestigious private university by fostering talented human resources who have been trained with a wide spectrum of cultivated studies and high-level professional knowledge, as well as receiving abundant humanization education, and who are capable of contributing to the nation and international human culture.
Also, Honam University is an institution where youths build a bright future based on the University’s Teaching Spirits of self-reliance, Introspection and Service.
Especially, rather than choosing standardized department organization and curriculum operation, the University has developed new educational programs, secured excellent faculty and made favorable educational environment, thus enhancing its capability to foster human resources who can contribute in the era of localization and globalization, and developing into a high-level educational institution specialized in fostered talented members of information society.
Honam University will continue to do its best to grow as an institution corresponding to the international society.

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